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Headliner HH by Raquel Welch

  • $1,274.15

Headliner by Raquel Welch is a lovely below-the-shoulder page with off-the-face styling options.
Raquel Welch Headliner wigs feature a monofilament top with a Sheer Indulgence l 1/2" deep, virtually invisible sheer lace front. The incredibly light and comfortable 100% hand-knotted base of the Headliner wig has the entire top individually hand knotted resulting in a low density, natural looking hair growth allowing for off the face styling options. The hair of Headliner can be parted on the left or right or in the center. Velvet lined ear tapes and nape assure more all day wearing comfort.
A human hair wig can be styled just as you would your own natural hair. The Headliner human hair wig can be heat-styled, colored, and blown dry. It is better not to lighten the color of your Headliner wig because of the chemical processes the human hair fibers undergo before the wig is made. Therefore, if you want to color your Headliner wig, order a color lighter than you actually want and dye it darker to the desired color. It is advisable to take your Headliner wig to a professional hair salon to have it uniquely colored and styled. The Headliner's 100% human hair allows numerous styling options from a smooth sleek look to a wavy carefree look.