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Henry Margu

Bonnie (#2458) by Henry Margu


HM-11 - 01

The Bonnie Petite Average Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu is a wavy pixie style, great for everyday looks! This wig is also made with a lace front for the most realistic hairline. Lace Front A Lace Front wig has a hairline made of a fine lace mesh in which each hair is individually hand knotted. The lace varies in width from ¼ to 1½ inches. The lace typically extends across the entire front hairline but on occasion may extend from ear to ear. The benefit of a Lace Front wig is an amazingly realistic hairline that appears as if the hair is growing directly out of the scalp and allows the fiber in front to be styled off the face in any direction. The neutral color of the lace mesh takes on the skin tone of the wearer making the hairline more natural looking and virtually invisible. A Lace Front can be utilized on wigs of any type cap construction.